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Matthew Gould is a graphic Artist, and has worked in printmaking, produced artist books and multimedia works. His art often has humorous aspects to it and is often a reflection of ideas about the world rather than personal memories and struggles.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Stickman Project

The Stickman Project was an idea that developed from the thought that we (as people and for the most part) want to be individuals.

We crave that feeling of being different to everyone else and yet our attempts to break free from the 'social norm' is harder than we first realise.

This is about breaking free from that feeling and being free to be who you want to be.

My original thought came from my own beliefs as a Christian and how I've found myself trapped in wanting to do what I want and wanting to do what God wants. I didn't however want this to be about me, I wanted everyone to be able to understand this and so I steered clear of Christian symbolism.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fading to black

Just having a play with photoshop last year...that should keep all you small minded "I like pretty art" types happy at least. Enjoy!


There isn't to much that can be said about this, it's a photograph taken with black and white film and has been self-printed at about A4 size.

The angel itself is at Red Hill Cemetery which is where my father's buried.

The photographs came from a series of images taken for my photography class which was an exploration into how we see death as and end. The idea that a cemetary should be a place of silent reflection rather than a place for celebration of a loved ones life. The following images are also from this series.

Caution, idiot.

"Caution, idiot."

This work references the use of signs in our lives. By creating a sign which indicates precautionary measures to be taken and yet tell you absolutely nothing, the sign completes it's purpose as a sign. Signs are a manmade way of subtley telling you exactly what to to without you ever knowing.

This work plays on that idea and makes full use of our willingness to obey as it holds the viewers eye to tell them nothing.

City of Lights.

This image was created using plinths and three light sources to create a city scape. It was an exploration of the words 'light' and 'black' and is what I would concider to be a 2D work even though it was created with 3D found objects